TrueNorth Gallery

TrueNorth’s gallery showcases the artwork of over 30 local and national artists. Pieces include beautiful paintings and photographs, stunning pieces of glassware and ceramics, jewelry, cards and more.

Hours of Operation

Painting and Drawing

The TrueNorth Gallery offers a wide variety of original flat art including paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, and drawings in pencil and charcoal. Nearly all of the pieces are framed and hung, and ready to go! Most all of the pieces are the works of local artists. The Gallery also hosts themed shows throughout the year.


From a perfect Monday morning mug, to an oversized vase; from a vivid statement of color, to a simple shape that expresses both strength and function; and from the simple to the sublime, you will find a wealth of ceramic artwork at the TrueNorth Gallery.


The TrueNorth Gallery has hundreds of unique jewelry pieces that have been hand-crafted by local artisans. From subtle silvers to exquisite earth tones to blazing bling, you are bound to find that perfect accessory!

Greeting Cards

Unique, imaginative, personal yet for all occasions! TrueNorth’s original greeting cards are truly a gift within themselves!

Home Décor

Textures, shapes, and colors are the things that create a room’s motif. TrueNorth’s Home Decor collections will help you establish a new theme, add a crowning piece, or cleverly brighten a dark corner with reflections of lighter with whimsy.


A picture may well tell a thousand words, but a photograph from the TrueNorth Gallery is bound to initiate a thousand complements. Local nature, history, and events dominate the collection.